Breaking the Silence: Why I haven’t been writing.

Fortune & Cupcakes has been very quiet for a long time now. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, and as I read more and more blogs I realise that I lack the time, resource and skills to make my little blog anything amazing. However, I thought about why I created the…


Fortune & Cupcakes has been very quiet over the past few months. This hasn’t been due to lack of ideas and inspiration, but actually the opposite- I’ve been through so much it has taken me so long to process and recover from an exceptionally busy period in my life. I think it would be easier…

28 Days of Self Care

This February I decided to set myself a challenge, to try and do a small act of self care each day: my 28 days of self care. I wanted a challenge that wouldn’t be too overwhelming, but would help me to reinforce good habits, and to notice and reap the rewards of self care.

Crunchie and Rolo Rocky Road

I have been struggling for baking inspiration recently. I have recently moved to a new house and am still getting used to the oven, so I decided to think about baking that involves little actual baking. My family love Rocky Road, and I wanted to try and find a good ‘base’ recipe to alter and change for different occasions. I decided to wander around my local supermarket to see what goodies were on offer for inspiration, and that was how I came up with Crunchie and Rolo Rocky Road. You could add absolutely anything to this (as long as the mixture covers the extra ingredients)- I’m already planning to add fudge, white chocolate, popping candy, mini eggs, chocolate orange…. the list goes on! I also just used a basic chocolate to stay on budget, however you could choose to use a fancier chocolate if you wish!