Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay.

I feel compelled to share.


My depression worsened this year, and I didn’t tell anyone. During the past two months I’ve had a fair few blips, resulting in a breakdown in relationship and loss of someone very important.

I spoke out, I told my closest friends and my family and now have a great support network around me.

Speak out, talk to someone- anyone. Whether friends, family, partner or a helpline. There are lots of free confidential helplines who can either listen or support, or do a mixture of both. I use Breathing Space and The Samaritans.

Talk to your GP- about 1/3 of their appointments are for mental illness. Just because it’s invisible does not mean it is not important. Seek professional help, who can guide you through sustainable coping techniques for this and any future obstacles.


I am not okay yet. I am far from it. But my future already looks like a better place than it did two months ago.

Every person is valuable, and has something to offer to this complicated, big world. But it’s a world full of wonderful things, incredible places and beautiful people. You are irreplaceable, unique and are important to people in ways you may never fully appreciate.




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