The pleasure of your own company 

I am in Iceland, Reykjavik to be precise, after a very spontaneous decision at the end of an incredibly difficult week. 

I have always loved traveling, and for one reason or another I keep finding reasons not to. Visiting Iceland has always seemed like a dream to me, and at the lowest point I’ve been in a long time I picked myself up, and decided to absolutely throw myself into being alive. 

I will write a more extensive piece on my travels upon my return, however I wanted to highlight one thing this trip has shown me: the pleasure of your own company. Some people are brilliant at enjoying this, and I envy them immensely. However, I’m slowly trying to enjoy the inside of my head, remember the positives, not dwell on the negatives and going away alone has really helped with this. I’ve had so much love and support these past few weeks, and I’m hugely thankful and grateful.
Plus, I’m already itching for my next adventure. 

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